Dinamika Lubsindo Utama

Dinamika Lubsindo Utama has been the authorized Shell Oil distributor for Industrial since 1997.

Our Products

PT. Dinamika Lubsindo Utama distributed product, Shell Lubricants B2BIC Products.

Our Value

We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future.

Our objective

Is to engage efficiently and responsibly in industry and transportation.

PT. Dinamika Lubsindo Utama

We are the authorized Shell Oil distributor for Industrial since 1997.

We propose a one-year supply agreement with customer with possible extension of the agreement for successive periods of one year each. PT DLU will meet customer on a quarterly basis to discuss Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), technical issues, and future opportunities. We will provide documentation to validate KPI’s.

The most significant benefits
this proposal offer to customer are listed below:

  1. Shell branded lubricants product
  2. Reliable supply supported by drum warehouse facility at Medan which will be provided by PT DLU, backed up by Shell’s warehouse facilities in Medan, Bekasi, Jakarta, Surabaya & Balikpapan
  3. Training for maintenance staff
  4. Continuous oil condition monitoring
  5. Supply of products in accordance to specification
  6. Guaranteed genuine products