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PT Dinamika Lubsindo Utama



The following proposal from PT Dinamika Lubsindo Utama (PT DLU) outlines the unique Shell products and services available to customer. The significant benefits available to customers outlined in this proposal are world class products, supply in drums, oil condition monitoring and technical support.

We propose a one-year supply agreement with customer with possible extension of the agreement for successive periods of one year each. PT DLU will meet customer on a quarterly basis to discuss Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), technical issues, and future opportunities. We will provide documentation to validate KPI’s.

The most significant benefits this proposal offer to customer are listed below:

  1. Shell branded lubricants product
  2. Reliable supply supported by drum warehouse facility at Medan which will be provided by PT DLU, backed up by Shell’s warehouse facilities in Medan, Bekasi, Jakarta, Surabaya & Balikpapan
  3. Training for maintenance staff
  4. Continuous oil condition monitoring
  5. Supply of products in accordance to specification
  6. Guaranteed genuine products


Shell Companies in Indonesia

Shell has been present in Indonesia in various forms for over one hundred (100) years. Most of Shell’s activities however were transferred to the state oil company, Pertamina, during the mid nineteen sixties. Nevertheless, Shell has managed to maintain a presence in the country and is currently involved in upstream (exploration) and downstream (oil marketing) activities. Shell is committed to conducting business in Indonesia for the long term.

SHELL INDONESIA: A New Distribution Channel

With the aim of providing Shell quality products and services to our customers, Shell has recently forged an agreement with a local Indonesia company, PT Shell Indonesia This nominated company shall be the facility through which sales of Shell products will be conducted in servicing the requirement of the Indonesian market place.

For the first time, Shell products will be sourced and brought into local warehousing and storage facilities for subsequent sales ex-stock. Customers will gain substantial benefits in terms of shorter lead times, lower in plant inventory cost and reduced working capital costs compared to alternative direct importation.

Shell will ensure that PT Shell Indonesia maintains consistently high standards of quality and services as well as adhere to the same general business principle guiding the Shell Group of companies and their associated worldwide. To deliver Shell commitment to customer and do the business, PT Shell Indonesia has its office at:

PT Shell Indonesia
Talavera Office Park 22-27 Floor
Jl. Letjen TB SimatupangKav. 22 – 26
Jakarta Selatan 12430
Phone :+62 21 – 75924700
Fax :+62 21 – 75924679

To maintain lubricant product availability for customer in Indonesia, PT Shell Indonesia has set up warehouses in Bekasi, Balikpapan, Surabaya and Medan area which can receive totally 2,240 kl, 1,800 kl, 1,000 kl and 1,000 kl respectively.